American Idol Audition

Disclaimer: Most people don't know this, but these reality shows aren't very easy to get on. When I first tried out for Idol, it was in San Francisco and I sang "Dream a Little Dream" to the best of my ability. It didn't get me noticed. So, that same season, I decided to go for one more shot in Denver. I'd always had a lot of fun with this song, being silly and doing it at karaoke bars to give people a laugh. So I decided to try it there and at least know I tried to really show my slightly silly personality along with my voice. But I am aware that it's not the best song to showcase my voice. I was glad they ended up showing it, but wish they'd included the quieter bits where I sounded less manic and also the other song I sang in my audition. I also wish they'd included later footage where I sang songs that showed off more range and versatility. But it's TV and I get that it wasn't The April Show. Anyway, as much as I know this audition is no representation of what I can do (see song links on the side), I have no regrets. This is how Idol went for me and I had a lovely time and met two of my closest friends there. So maybe they only showed my silly side? I've never been ashamed to be silly!

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