Happy Anniversary to meeeee....

Happy Sing-a-versary toooo  meeeeee...
Happy Anniversary to meeee--eeee...
Happy Busk-a-versary tooo meeeee!!!!

Troy from Community is excited, too!

Well, it's my 4 year anniversary, sing-a-versary, busk-a-versary, whatever you want to call it. Busking is technically the word for what I do out there in Laguna Beach and it was four years ago today that I first tried this crazy thing. I know because, the next day I wrote about it on my livejournal:


Feel free not to look around there. It's where I hide all my nerd stuff. But I wrote that, thinking of how much I enjoyed it and how I may do it again for a lark. Now, it's four years later and singing (between the "mean streets" and the senior homes and the party gigs) has become my sole source of income.

They say you know if you're happy with your work if you'd still do it if you were rich. And I would. I often think, should I ever "make it" to the point where I'm comfortable and have some money put away, I'd still do this. I'd just do it for free. :)

It's a good feeling, really enjoying what you do. As with any job, you have your annoyances (oh, Loud Amplifier Man. How I wish you had the talent you think you do), but it's mostly pure enjoyment.

So I'll be in Laguna Beach tonight, singing away on Forest Avenue --- I am contemplating getting a bunch of balloons because I'm a total cheeseball --- and hoping to see as many familiar faces as possible. I'm feeling very nostalgic.

Here's hoping I can keep this up another year and make it to year five!


  1. CONGRATS! That's amazing that you're making money doing something you love! Happy sing-a-versary!

    1. Thank you! I'm having all kinds of hooplah today. Can't wait to get out there and sing.

  2. Well Done April - keep it going, doing what you love doing is what its all about.

    1. Thank you. I hope I make it to year 5. :)

  3. Well Done April - keep it going, doing what you love doing is what its all about.