April Walsh Live at Aqua at the Lake Forest Holiday Inn

People always ask me "where do you sing?" I don't often have an answer, at least nothing that's open to the masses. I absolutely love doing weddings, events, and my beloved senior living communities, but I always wish I had something more public, where people can relax, have a drink or a meal, and just listen.

Well now I do!

Wednesday, October 16th, I'll be singing from 6-8 at Aqua, inside The Holiday Inn. Come for the reasonably priced food and drinks, stay for the old jazz and French chansons.

If this goes well and a good number of people come, then it could become a regular thing, so I'd absolutely love it if you (the collective you) could come.

Obviously, I don't expect people outside California to attend, but would just love it if my California friends could make the time!

Address, info, and menu below.

I really hope to see you there!

Aqua Restaurant & Lounge inside The Holiday Inn
23131 Lake Center Drive, Lake Forest, CA
(off the 5 at Lake Forest Drive)

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

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